Who are you?

-a korean guy who loves to draw manga and is currently a math teacher.

how old are you?


how did you learn to draw?

-self taught..still got lots to learn…

what materials do you use to draw?

-lead pencil, prismacolor black ink, canson fanboy drawing pad.

what is your drawing process?

-i sketch out a rough draft on any kind of paper with pen, then i pencil it out on the canson drawing paper, then ink in pieces. then i scan it into photoshop and fill in blacks and do text.

what is charles’ weapon?

-a sword hammer. i get a lot of questions on this and i wanted to create something unique yet cool, and it is a sword, yet also a hammer. :)

why does charles look more like a egg?

-well, drawing his head caved in would look funny..but i will explain more about his features and abilities as the story goes on.

do you have the whole story planned out?

-yes. :) as for how long it will take..i don’t know. XD