-A evil wizard turned Charles’ whole town turned into a kitchen (that’s right). Cursed with the body of a SPOON, he has embarked on a journey to find the wizard and along the way, he will meet other “cursed” ones.-

spoon past to present

as mentioned in the foreword, SPOON has gone through many versions and i have reached the point where i just want to go through with this idea i have had for years, but before i keep rambling on about my ideas, i should mention that SPOON is not my own original idea.

in kindergarten, my two friends, jonathan hussar and katie lawrenson, whom i give full credit to for the idea, wrote it as a fun story for a story book contest (which i also entered in as well).  he called the character “SUPER SPOON”.  it seemed like a fun project that eventually sometime after the contest, i started to draw the character…just for fun.

eventually, it became an obsession where i would put the character into these crazy adventures.  around that time, i REALLY started to get into Dragonball since my dad would buy me all the books and all the cassette tapes to watch.  my infatuation grew with it every passing day and it affected SUPER SPOON where i would  have him possess some dragonball Z like abilities such as the kamehameha, which i thought i would clevery call, the Spoonaha…

when the internet started to become more and more popular, i decided why don’t i just upload SUPER SPOON onto the internet and see what kind of feedback i would get.  in 2006, i decided to open up an msn site (remember those? where all the manga would be posted?).  i eventually shifted over to smackjeeves.

superspoon at smackjeeves

during this time i decided i wanted to do a weekly serialization like naruto, bleach, One piece, and all the other greats, and was determined to do so.  i succeeded in doing so and the first version of SUPER SPOON accumulated over 2400 pages, 100 chapters, 10 volumes and only 22 fans becoming the second longest running comic on smackjeeves.  after awhile, i realized how unoriginal my story was and how horrendous my drawings were, so i decided to quit and train.

two years later, i revamped SUPER SPOON and it felt more fresh, but the drawings were still awful and the story still did not feel right, so once again, after 660 pages, i called it quits.

superspoon2 at smackjeeves

here is the thing about me, everytime i quit, i make sure I study my mistakes and just study manga during those hiatuses focusing on what other mangakas, artists, did to make their work be deemed professional.  whether it was my anatomy, the thickness of my lines, or just plain sloppiness.

so once again in 2010, I decided to try again except this time changing the title to “SPOON”.  this time, i felt like i was getting closer to the story i wanted with the main character starting off strong rather than the audience seeing his beginnings.  and i made a realization as to why i could not release chapters on a weekly basis anymore.

a) i had no assistants

b) i was focusing more attention to detail.

15 chapters into the serialization, i found myself quitting again due to my own dissatisfaction of the story and drawings.  as usual, i went on one of my soul searching hiatuses and came across a manga that changed the whole idea of SPOON itself:

“oumagadoki doubutsuen”

a manga about a girl working at a zoo with the owner being a rabbit due to a curse set on him.  this manga completely changed my idea of SPOON and it dawned upon me how humorous and believable it would be for the main character to be turned into a SPOON by an elf.  every time i started a story, i realized what was missing from all of the past versions.


the main character, Charles would always go on these epic quests to beat a demon that wronged him, but to me, it did not feel like there was an overall goal, and at last, I realized he had one which can drive the story to a conclusion.

even though i had this great idea, i was hesistant on putting it on paper because of my past tendencies to always pull the plug on SPOON due to losing inspiration and just lacking confidence in general.

around this time, i have been focusing more on webcomics than on mangas and i came across a great one called “GOBLINS” where the author, tarol hunt, wrote at the beginning of his comic how his drawings were completely different now than they were from the beginning and would have them remain unaltered to show how far he has come along as an artist.  then i decided i have to do it.  i have to just sit down and draw SPOON and follow my dreams because if i keep stopping, it would go nowhere.

i am not sure how long the story will take, but i hope all of you will be in for the ride with me from beginning to end.  i promise to do my best this time.   thank you to all of those who have supported me to this step. :)